AI Generated Hero Images For this project I explored the boundless potential of Midjourney, wielding its text-to-image magic to breathe life into fantastical arrangements of food. But the journey doesn’t end there. Photoshop steps in as my digital paintbrush, adding layers of detail, texture, and human touch to transform these raw creations into polished imagery. […]

KCS ArtCounsel Inc.

A tight crop of an arrangement of framed artwork on a wall forms the basis of the brand mark. The resulting shapes intersect to form a reverse K and subtle angular C shape. The brand mark attempts to capture the unique and close perspective KCS ArtCounsel Inc. offers clients.

The Canadian Health Research Forum

At the centre of the brand mark lines and dots come together in shapes reminiscent of gene sequencing data. Surrounding the data is symbolizing the group’s work on behalf of health research. The intersecting speech bubbles depict the dialogue with the public and policymakers.