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Launch your business and get ready to say hello to the world with the Startup package. Get all the essentials to show and kick off your unique brand.


Listen first

I focus on tailored solutions that start from knowing who you are and understanding your goals.

Find originality

Your business has something that sets you apart and I strive to help you find it and make it unique.

Join the team

I aim to be a valued member of your team with all the honesty, accessibility and collaboration that comes with it. 



Professional knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite with an award-winning portfolio of traditional and digital marketing material.


3D, technical and creative illustration using the Blender 3D creation suite as well as leading raster and vector-based programs.


Digital capture, manipulation and advanced compositing techniques.

Front-end Web Development

Strong knowledge of HTML5/CSS3. Custom WordPress and Shopify theme development. Proficient in JavaScript, jQuery and PHP.

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